Tanza Granite gets a new CNC Saw Jet
Precision. Performance. Peace of Mind.

Tanza Granite is proud to announce the newest addition to their family: The Fusion 4245S! Thanks to the addition of this massive cutting machine, Tanza Granite has now reduced their turnaround time by several orders of magnitude, meaning your job gets done faster. The Fusion 4245S also allows us to make more intricate and complicated cuts than our old machine (check out some of our newer Specialty Items to see what we mean).

Take a look at our new saw below, included a photographic chronicling of how we managed to get this massive equipment into our warehouse.

Tanza Expands

Tanza Granite, Inc., has expanded to provide your better service. We have a built a new 5000-square-foot fabrication shop with a new granite saw and equipment. This allows Tanza to precision cut your granite to your needs and on a very timely schedule.

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